One Visit Crowns

Gregory B. Garrett, DDS  offers the latest dental technology and equipment to patients who need a dental crown. Our team of experienced dental professionals understands how difficult it can be to have dental issues requiring a more extensive general dentistry  procedure. Because Gregory B. Garrett, DDS  utilizes modern technology with all of our dental procedures, many dental issues and can be resolved in as little as one visit . Compared to traditional crown process, the CEREC technology and CEREC Single Visit Crowns allows us to repair a broken tooth in one visit. We utilize advanced CAD/CAM technology that will take an image of the tooth and create a permanent crown.


One of the biggest benefits of a CEREC single visit crown is the time it takes to repair a broken tooth. Your appointment will consist of an examination of the damaged tooth to determine the next step. CAD/CAM technology is then used to take a digital image of the tooth. Once the image is complete, the milling is performed and the team at Gregory B. Garrett, DDS  will then be able to repair the tooth within a few hours. Compared to the traditional dental crown process, there are no messy impressions and the need for an uncomfortable and temporary crown is no longer required. Another benefit of the CEREC procedure is with advanced technology, Gregory B. Garrett, DDS - Wilmington Dentist is able to create a perfect match both in shape and color of your existing tooth.